My sister and brother-in-law are classmates. I met each other in my freshman year, and my sophomore and senior year are naturally facing graduation. At that time, his brother-in-law had a mediocre performance, ability, appearance and family background. He has no background, no house, no car. The elder sister arranged the work to let her go home, in no case let with such man together. Like many big four lovers, they graduated, broke up, stayed in the South and returned to the north. That year, sister 22 and brother-in-law 22. Also, there is no future for the two people, why delay each other, it is better to cut off one stroke, and then find their own. Three years later, the two rarely contacted, and even didn't meet. Only when the elder sister received the gift from her brother-in-law, the elder brother-in-law would order flowers online and send them to her office at the festival. The elder sister's age has also reached 25, has not had the boyfriend, the family starts to worry, arranges the introduction and the blind date vigorously. I know a few of them are very good to my sister. In addition, my sister's appearance and work are very good. There are many roles of showing love among my classmates in the company. I didn't understand it at first, but I was also in a hurry, complaining that she didn't know how to accept it. But every time she said with a smile, no, it's gone. Perhaps most of them will come to an end. They fall in love with each other lightly until he fades out of her memory and never appears again. In May this year, on her 26th birthday, she received a rare phone call from her brother-in-law for so many years. He only said one sentence: